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With our technical knowledge and having designed and built your Torque Tool we are in a unique position of being able to offer you a fast efficient and professional Calibration and Repair Service.
Servicing your Torque Tool at regular intervals is vital to ensure that it operates to its peak performance.

On any repair that takes place your Torque Tool will automatically be recalibrated.
Gedore Torque offer both UKAS and In House Calibration Services.

If you require your torque tools, torque transducers or torque checkers to be repaired and/or calibrated please fill out our Service Request Form (SRF). The SRF will help ensure the work is done as requested and in a timely manner. Items received without the relevant paperwork will not be processed and we cannot accept responsibility for any further delays or costs incurred.

If you require further information on our Calibration and Repair Service please contact us online via our enquiry form or feel free to call us on +44 (0) 1483 892772 to speak to our dedicated and helpful Calibration and Repair personnel team.

Calibration Service

Gedore Torque has a UKAS Accredited Calibration Laboratory, No. 0632 on site capable of re-calibrating analysers and transducers

Tool Repair Service

Today's Quality Assurance Systems demand that Measuring Tools and Calibration Equipment are checked regularly and provided with traceable calibration certificates

Calibration & Repair

Click below for the Calibration and Repair Services Form.

Please fill out a Service Request Form (SRF) before sending your equipment to Gedore

Uk Torque Tool Calibration Services

Our calibration services ensure that torque equipment operates at peak performance, providing absolute and consistent accuracy.
It also ensures that any potential tooling problems are identified before they arise, hence ensuring that lifetime ownership costs are minimised.

UKAS In-house Accredited UK
Calibration Laboratory

Gedore Torque has a UKAS Accredited Calibration Laboratory, No. 0632 on-site, capable of recalibrating analysers and transducers.
Click here for laboratory scope information or visit our quality page for more information on UKAS.

Gedore Torque in-house UK Calibration Service is available to ensure that your equipment is always in peak condition.
Our bespoke cost-effective service provides Gedore Torque Calibration Certificates, clear results, traceability to national standards
and most importantly Torque Tools that are accurate, precise and performing to the highest of standards.

Gedore Torque's After Sales Department

Today's Quality Assurance Systems demand that measuring torque tools and calibration equipment are checked regularly
and provided with traceable calibration certificates.

Gedore Torque is pleased to provide potential and existing Customers with this full and comprehensive After Sales Service.

Contact us on +44 (0) 1483 894476 or email for more information on our Torque Tool Repair Services.

When returning your Torque tool please remember to complete and attach the order form SRF
with your tool so we know the details of the return.

Gedore Torque Limited Torque Tool Repair, Recalibration & Reconditioning

Regular Checks:

A torque tool is a precision instrument

All torque tools should be checked regularly to ensure continued accuracy and safety

Gedore Torque provide a wide range of After Sales Services, including:

Comprehensive After Sales Service for all Gedore Torque products

Standard charge format

Recalibration, repair or recondition to original accuracy standards

Warranty period

Measuring Torque Tools and Calibration Devices:

Full recalibration to original accuracy standards

Traceable Calibration Certificate issued

'As Received' certificate on request (extra charge)

Preset Torque Tools:

Repeatability checks throughout working range

Setting to Preset value if required

Traceable Calibration Certificate issued

All Gedore Torque equipment returned to us for After Sales Service will be coded (if not already marked) with a Serial Number which will enable traceability.
The serviced torqueequipment will then be returned to the customer with a new Certificate of Calibration.

Torque Tool Lubrication Information

Our tools contain moving parts that require periodic servicing and lubrication. The recommended service interval is twelve months,
5000 cycles or more frequent if usage is high.

If you choose to do your own servicing, the lubrication chart (available to download at the top of the page)
will give details of the recommended oils and greases as used in our tools.

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Certificate Of Calibration

Regular Torque tool Calibration and recalibration guarantees the operator repeatable accuracy and adherence to international standards.
To guarantee this,all tools that have been calibrated or re-calibrated by Gedore Torque come with a certificate of Calibration.
This in turn provides confirmation that all equipment used by us has certification traceable to international standards.

Gedore Torque Quality Assured

All Gedore Torque torque equipment is used to assess and improve the quality of our customers' products,
enabling their Customers to benefit from the assurance that the products will perform satisfactorily over long periods.

At Gedore Torque we take the subject of quality seriously - both in the manufacture of Gedore Torque tools
and in the comprehensive testing of all equipment that we supply.

The Gedore Torque Standard

Gedore Torque Ltd. (Manufacturer of Torqueleader tools) is assessed and registered to
BS EN ISO 9001:2015 Certificate FM 00363. Hand Tools and Implements.

All Gedore Torque tools are manufactured to the relevant British and International Engineering Standards.

All Gedore Torque tools conform to the International Standard on Torque Tools ISO 6789
and on transducers BS 7882 or as specified.UKAS CERTIFICATION

UKAS Certification

Gedore torque has a UKAS-accredited calibration laboratory,based at our site in the UK.
Here we are able to recalibrate most Hand Torque tools, analysers and transducers in accordance with National and International standards.

The technical competence of the Laboratory and its staff have been independently accredited by
UKAS to ISO/IEC 17025. UKAS (The United Kingdom Accreditation service)
is the only national accreditation body recognised by the British government to assess the competence of
organisations that provide certification, testing, inspection and calibration services.


The effective working range of a tool

The accuracy requirements for Torque screwdrivers are +/-6% of reading and for Torque wrenches are +/-4% of reading or +/-6% for Torque wrenches below 10 N.m

The maximum Torque value for each hex & square drive size

Scale & marking requirements

An overload ability of 125% of maximum Torque capacity

A calibration interval of 5000 cycles or 12 months

Test & measuring procedures at 23° +/-5°C

The maximum permissable uncertainity of measurement of the calibration device shall be +/-1% of indicated value
is the only national accreditation body recognised by the British government to assess the competence of
organisations that provide certification, testing, inspection and calibration services.

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What can we learn about Torque?

In this section we will learn more about Torque, how it is measured, how to specify the Torque value of fasteners and how to correctly tighten Bolted Joints.


Torque is the application of force acting at a radial distance and tending
to cause rotation; this is also called torque loading.
It’s used to create tension in threaded fasteners.
When the nut and bolt are tightened the two plates are clamped together.
The thread converts the applied Torque into tension in the bolt shank.
This in turn is converted into a clamping force.
The amount of tension created in the bolt is critical.

  • The tension in the bolt creates a clamping force (generally referred to as the preload) between the two parts.
  • If the clamping force is too low, the fasteners can work loose due to vibrations or movement between the component parts.
  • If a clamping force is too high, the fastener may permanently stretch and no longer apply the required clamping force.
  • In severe cases the fastener may fail in assembly or during use when under loaded.

Torque is the result of multiplying the value of Force applied by
the Distance from the point of application.

Comparing the two examples below (A and B) it will be noted
that the same resultant torque can be achieved with a lower
Force if the Distance from the nut/bolt is increased.

dependent which means that the actual torque applied to the
fastener varies if the hand position on the wrench is varied -
even with the wrench preset. This occurs if the pivot point of the
wrench mechanism is not coincidental with the point of
application of torque.

Get In Touch with your Torque Tool Manufacturer

If you would like more information on what torque is and the range of torque tools and products we manufacture,
give our team a call on 01483 892 772 or visit our contact us page and fill in our enquiry form.

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