Torque Wrenches TSN Preset Slipping

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About this product

  • The TSN Preset Torque Wrenches includes Gedore Torque's unqiue slipping mechanism that is proven to eliminate any under or over tightening and guarantees process control; regardless of the operator's hand position.
  • These production Torque Wrenches have been given a full facelift, resulting in a contemporary, high-quality appearance, appropriate to high technology manufacturing lines
  • Reduces the likelihood of warranty and rework by assuring process control through accurate and repeatable torque setting due to its tamperproof adjusting system
  • TSN 5 & 10 use new bearing technology. The bearings are manufactured from self-lubricating polymer material, meaning they are extremely wear resistant and these models also utilise glass filled Nylon 66, giving them non-slip grip. This means greater durability, anti-static properties and EPA compliance
  • They can be used with confidence by operators at any skill level. The integrated slipping mechanism eliminates over-tightening and the preset & locking elements ensure it is tamperproof, preventing unauthorised adjustment by the user
  • Long tool service life is ensured by the robust designs in the production Torque Wrenches range and is further guaranteed by a two-year warranty

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