Adjustable Wrenches

At Gedore our advanced tech­nol­o­gy and engi­neer­ing allows us to pro­duce torque apply­ing tools that exceed expec­ta­tions. These tools are used to apply a set torque or fas­ten­er and will slip, break or click when the desired torque have been reached to alert the user.
Gedore pro­vide a wide range of torque wrench­es includ­ing the Adjustable Slip­ping Torque Wrench, Adjustable Break­ing Torque Wrench, Pre­set Slip­ping Torque Wrench and the Reset Break­ing Torque Wrench to name a few. The list become comes in a vari­ety of mod­els depend­ing on your bespoke torque load­ing requirements.

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