Torque Screwdrivers Preset ESD

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About this product

  • The proven slipping technology of Gedore Torque Preset Torque Screwdrivers ESD eliminate under and over tightening ensuring accurate process control
  • Years of dependable service is provided by the Torque Screwdrivers robust design especially if regularly calibrated
  • The ESD models of Preset Torque Screwdrivers are ideal for safe electronic component assembly as these are EPA compliant
  • Calibration stickers can be easily applied to the purpose designed nose of the Torque Screwdrivers
  • Increased production efficiency by reducing operator fatigue due to an ergonomic hand grip combined with a smooth tool reset action
  • The 1/4" female hexagon TLS range proves versatile with a quick conversion to male square 1/4" drive by using a convertor (Order Code: 029200)
  • ESD 450 and 1350 models come with T-bars as standard to assist with higher torque
  • To allow for customisation and clear identification interchangeable coloured end caps are available in packs of four. In each pack of four there is a red, green, blue and black (Order Code: 065800)

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