CAPTURE Hub Torque Analyser

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  • Cal­i­brat­ed range. 10% to 100% of capacity
  • Easy to Repair. Mod­u­lar design allows for sim­ple com­po­nent replacement
  • Cost-effec­tive. Min­imise invest­ment, as the CAPTURE Hub is designed to be a stand­alone solu­tion, or to inte­grate with cus­tomers’ exist­ing Cap­ture com­po­nents as well as oth­er indus­try stan­dard nom­i­nal 2mV/V Sensors
  • Ease of use. Intu­itive soft­ware design is sim­i­lar to CAPTURE Dis­play allow­ing exist­ing Cap­ture users to be famil­iar with the archi­tec­ture and new users to become pro­duc­tive quick­ly, with its easy to use menus and Plug & Play functionality
  • Flex­i­bil­i­ty. The CAPTURE Hub can inte­grate with CAPTURE Man­ag­er PC soft­ware (Order Code 038710) and users with extra Sen­sors can plug them direct­ly into the exter­nal port on the side of the CAPTURE Hub. The unit can also be mount­ed hor­i­zon­tal­ly or ver­ti­cal­ly to meet the exist­ing setups of customers
  • Long Life Bat­tery. Work for longer between bat­tery charges as the unit is fit­ted with an improved long life Lithi­um-ion bat­tery and has a cus­tomis­able auto pow­er down mode
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